By Firman Jaya

I’m alumnus of Brawijaya University and majority of Food Technology.  Now I’m working at one  of university in Malang, East Java. I’ve been finished my research about the combination of ginger extract and honey in order to make functional drink. Therefore, if you know anything about ginger and honey or else we can share information about it. You can also share anything else about computer, internet and all of connected with IT (Information Technology). I hope this blog can useful for everyone.

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  1. LookGun says:


    blog anyarrrrrrr

    semoga bisa cepet lulussssssssssssss

    truss makan2nya dtunggu..!!!!!!

  2. hay says:

    asem kon man, update nod terbaru hayoooo. segera ….

  3. ABe says:

    very nice..

  4. suzannita says:

    salam kenal… Blog walking ya … :D

  5. Safari Achmad el Batawie says:

    Mantaf pak..isinya..mudah2an saya bisa ikutin terus perkembangannya…